The Company


Dreamia, joint-venture formed by NOS and AMC Networks International Southern Europe, is the result of a strategic partnership for the production of channels, series and films, aimed at the Portuguese market and Portuguese-speaking African markets.

The company produces five channels: Panda, Biggs, Hollywood Channel, Casa e Cozinha and Blast, which are distributed by AMC Networks International Southern Europe.

In 2021, we had the pleasure of launching a pop-up channel, Panda Kids, in order to keep up with the growth of our young consumers.

2021 was a year of innovation, we increased our digital footprint with the launch of our OTT application, Panda+.

Our culture
At Dreamia, we encourage and empower the entire team to express and develop their potential, as well as the freedom to explore their creativity.
Our Partners
Dreamia strives to create strong and lasting relationships. Over the years we have created bonds that prevail and benefit our entire ecosystem.
Our Experience
Over the years, we have developed multiple business areas in order to respond to our growth and evolution, as well as the market and relationships with our partners. The business areas can be found here.
Future Focus
Our purpose and commitment to the future is to innovate and add benefits to our value chain. This makes us able to offer an experience closer to our audience.